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How can I create a website without using WordPress/Joomla/etc. with a Unique design where users can register?

I am the founder of and im looking to move from using wordpress to having a Unique Design just like if you were to go on, g4tv, etc. Also if you know of a better name for a Video Game website please let me know. Thanks in advance. Best Answer will be chosen.So would you choose Joomla over WordPress?

And also do you have any recommendations on a good name for a Video Game Website? It’s time for me to renew domain and I want something shorter and easier to remember.

You can use something like Joomla or WordPress, but you are overloading your server with 90% of rubbish you will never use and nerver bother to understand.
And once you hit a problem, finding the cause of the error can be huge time consuming: the error will be somewhere in 26Mb of code you never wrote and never read.
So, the professional choice is to start from scratch and write your own, using a text editor and php.
Pros, with a few years of experience, have “stored” a lot of simple procedures they can insert at will in their design, hence, beating the “fast and easy way” of Joomla or similar.
For a user registration, download the free “Login script” from
It has no fancy formatting, so it is easy to “layout” the way you want.
Good luck
PS: Sorry, no idea for the name of your site: I am a coder, so I don’t have any imagination :-)

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