New Features from iMobile Web Apps

Multiple PDF, Google Calendar & Analytics and Native Android Apps

As we see mobile device use increase at a rapid rate we are continually improving our App Platform with NEW Features to it’s Mobile App Platform to help you keep up with this trend.

Below is a list of new features just released this week:

PDF (multiple) Feature

You are now able to create a page with multiple PDFs attached to it. The new feature is called “PDF” in the “Add a Page” dropdown.

New: Google Calendar

You can now link to Google Calendars for appointments and events. The new feature is called “Appointments”.

Builder Tutorials

We have started adding video tutorials to the App Builder. We will eventually have a video tutorial on every page of the App Builder.

Mobile Google Analytics

You are now able to add Google Analyitcs to each mobile website. To add Google Analytics, login to an App Builder then click on the “Analytics” tab. Paste the code from the Google Analytics account in the field.

Publish Native Droid Apps now Live

You are now able to publish Native Android Apps. The instructions are in your Master Admin > Publish Native Apps.