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How To Use WordPress Blog

Is it easy (and free) to import a blog from to Can I add/edit my blog remotely? I want to use the but would like to know how easy it is to transfer my blog from Do you know if I can edit/add information to my blog using from different […]

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How To Use WordPress Dashboard

where can i get the RSS URL in wordpress? i wanted to register with feedburner for my feed but i couldn’t get the RSS RRL. do i need to make one by myself or i can get it somewhere in my dashboard? and how? please add ur own explanation, i have never used any feed […]

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How To Use WordPress Blogroll

New version of wordpress offered by WordPress Website Developers Providing advance features and making the process of website development easier has been the motive of launching every new version of wordpress. After 3.0 wordpress version was launched in February, 2011, the latest version in the field of wordpress development is set to be on floor. […]

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How To Use WordPress Tags

How to create custom post in wordpress? Hi I would like to ask how I can customize post using css in wordpress. Do I have to create some template file, or adding tags in index.php in LOOP will do? Or can it be done some other way. Is there some file which can be edited? […]

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How To Use WordPress Plugins

How do I add widgets to How can I add this widget: to my blog? I really would like to use collapsable categories but I have no idea how to install the widget so I can drag the widget into the sidebar under ‘presentation’ on the dashboard.

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