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Mobile Website + Mobile Web App + Native App

We have one of the most innovative mobile platforms available!

Businesses are able to create mobile websites, web apps and native apps from one platform so are only inputting the information once!

Your Mobile Website and Apps are updated in real-time when you make additions and updates. Stay ahead of the curve by mobilizing your business with a mobile website and apps.

Here just some of the POWERFUL Features you get with a MOBILE web app:

User Accounts

Customers will be able to easily create an account on your app and mobile website to receive rewards from you for sharing items on the app.

Mobile Deals

Do not limit your deals to your website. People these days want their deals on the go. You can easily create deals on your app and mobile website.

QR Codes

Use the free QR code specific to your business on your marketing material to direct customers to your app and mobile website.


Easily integrate your current shopping cart allowing your customers to purchase your products while they are on on the go.

Sharing Rewards

Businesses can reward consumers for sharing deals and other information from their app and mobile site.

Capture Leads

Add a page where your customers opt-in so they can be updated with deals or other news from your business.

Phone & Tablet Compatibility

Your app and mobile website will recognize if a phone or a tablet is accessing it and display your app and mobile website appropriately.

Customizable Appearance

You can easily match your web app and mobile website to your existing website, business branding, logo, colors and appearance.

GPS Location Finder

Your customers will have no problem finding your locations with GPS directions right to you!.

Social Media Integration

Your web app and mobile website will feed your Twitter and Facebook feeds in real-time.

Dynamic Pages

Create dynamic pages quickly and easily and add videos, photo albums, maps, blogs, and much more!


Make money on your web app by adding mobile advertisement to your web app and mobile website.

Mobile Redirect

Easily redirect mobile phone users to your web app and mobile website when they visit your website.


Track the volume of users that view your web app and mobile website within any date range.

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