What is a Mobile Web App?

What is a Mobile Web App?

Did you know that more mobile devices are being sold than desktop computers?

A mobile web app is a mobile application that combines the versatility of the web with the functionality of touch-enabled devices.

The mobile web is already here – don’t miss out on this huge opportunity for your website and your business. Mobile users are frustrated by slow, clunky sites that are ill-suited for smartphones and other Internet-enabled mobile devices. Too often, important information is buried under images and text that is irrelevant to visitors on the go.

Savvy website owners offer websites specifically optimized for use by iPhones, Blackberriesand other mobile devices.

iMobile Web Apps are built with HTML5 and take advantage of the best of this cutting edge technology providing an attractive alternative to the app stores, while still providing users with the rich look and feel of native applications.

Because mobile web apps are web-based, they are compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones making it easy to deliver your content to a large mobile audience. Since mobile web apps don’t need to be listed in the Apple App Store or Google’s Android Marketplace, you can distribute your mobile web app on your own terms without complex and lengthy approvals.

Just quick and easy widespread distribution through multiple channels including: a mobile link (URL), text (SMS), barcodes (QR), social media networks, email, and more. Mobile web apps can include existing content such as your social media feeds or website content, as well as additional content such as maps, polls, events, and more.


What is a Mobile Web App?

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