cPanel Tutorials

Bogged down by web hosting tasks?

"Discover How to Use cPanel To Save Time and Money!"

Watch as I Reveal The Secrets of Using cPanel With this 18 Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

cPanel – God’s Gift to The Technically Challenged!

With cPanel, you can manage your own web hosting 24/7.

When you learn how to use cPanel, you’ll be amazed at how easy it really is to do all the things that you thought were way out of your personal capabilities.

Here’s how you will benefit from our video tutorials:

  1. We take complex stuff and break it down to small, easy-to-understand tutorials that anyone can follow…
  2. Learn fundamental "survival" skills that will set you apart from all the other struggling domain managers…
  3. Watch our videos at your own pace, until you "get" it…
  4. Save money by doing stuff yourself instead of paying someone else…

cPanel Tutorials reveals the exact tactics and strategies you need to manage your online business. With this simple yet powerful step-by-step video instructions, you’ll discover:

cpanel introduction

Introduction to Using cPanel

In this video, we give you a brief introduction to using cPanel.

We give you the grand tour, and help you identify some of the key features in any type of cPanel layout.

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cpanel email accounts

Creating Email Accounts in cPanel

One of the most popular tasks in cPanel is creating your own email accounts.

In this video, we reveal how easy it is to get started by creating your first email account, and managing your email account settings.

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cpanel web mail

Checking Your Webmail in cPanel

With cPanel, you can easily check all the emails you receive and even send out new emails using the web mail service.

In this video, we show you how to get started using the Horde webmail service that comes pre-installed in cPanel.

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cpanel spam assassin

Blocking Spam With Spam Assassin in cPanel

Nobody likes SPAM, but not everyone knows how to eliminate it using cPanel.

In this video, we reveal how to turn on the default Spam Assassin feature in cPanel and put a halt to annoying SPAM once and for all.

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cpanel autoresponders

Creating Autoresponders in cPanel

Autoresponders are instant replies to received emails, and you can use it for many different purposes.

In this video we reveal how to create new autoresponders that are 100% customized to your visitors.

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cpanel filemanager intro

Introduction to Using File Manager

File Manager is an awesome feature in cPanel that allows you to add, edit, rename and remove any file in your web hosting account.

In this video we reveal how you can save loads of time and avoid the technical aspects of managing your host using File manager

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cpanel filemanager compress

Compressing and Extracting Files with File manager

File manager can be used to easily compress files and download them from your host, as well as to upload and extract any existing compressed file on your computer.

This video shows you how to do it easily, one step at a time.

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cpanel file manager permissions

Editing File Permissions in File Manager

Sometimes you will need to edit a file’s "permission" setting to get it to work properly with the rest of your script or software.

This video explains how file permissions work, and how to edit them using File manager

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cpanel file manager upload

Uploading Files Using File Manager

No FTP or don’t want to use it? No problem.

Using the default File manager, you can also upload files quickly and easily to any folder in your web hosting account.

This video shows you exactly how to do it.

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cpanel ftp accounts

Creating FTP Accounts in cPanel

If your web hosting is managed by freelancers, staff members or other people, you’ll want to create new FTP account for them.

This ensures that only you know the primary FTP login details, and you can easily remove the new FTP account whenever you want without effecting your primary FTP.

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cpanel inde manager

Managing File Index in cPanel

This shocking video reveals exactly how easy it is for people to "sniff" the contents of your website.

By managing your file index, you can keep your content hidden from nosy visitors, as well as ensure the safety of your files and information.

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cpanel mysql databases

Creating a MySQL Database in cPanel

No matter what type of script you want to install, you’ll be asked to create a MySQL database in cPanel first.

The good news is that our video shows you the easiest, fastest way to create a fully functional MySQL database.

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cpanel password protect directories

Creating Password Protected Directories in cPanel

Creating a members-only section of your website, or just want to make content available to people in your organization?

In this video we reveal how to create password protected directories, and specify who can access the protected content.

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cpanel redirects

Cloaking and Redirect Links in cPanel

Are you an affiliate marketer who wants to cloak their affiliate links?

Using cPanel’s redirect feature, you can do this easily without expensive software or much technical skills.

You can cloak and redirect an unlimited number of links!

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cpanel subdomains

Creating Sub-Domains in cPanel

Sub-domains are a great way to divide your primary website into many different components.

For example, you may want your blog or forum to have it’s own sub-domain, and Google will treat it as a completely different domain name.

Our video shows you how to create sub-domains using cPanel.

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cpanel addon domains

Creating Addon Domains in cPanel

In cPanel, you can add new domain names to your main hosting account instead of paying for new hosting every time!

In this video, we show you how to add new domains, and how to manage them, using the "Addon Domains" feature in cPanel.

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cpanel backup

Creating Backups in cPanel

How would you feel if you got up one morning only to realize that all your hard work for the past year has vanished into thin smoke?

Most people never backup their work, and they eventually pay the price.

In this video, we reveal how to create complete backups using cPanel.

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wordpress cpanel

Installing WordPress with cPanel

WordPress is a growing, popular software that you can use not only to create a blog, but any kind of website you want.

In this video, we reveal how to install WordPress with Fantastico.

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